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Lookin' Up: Joe Magnarelli
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Steve Davis (Tb), Anthony Wonsey (P), Mike Karn (B), Jason Brown (D)
Released 2014

1. 44
2. Third Set
3. Inner Beauty
4. You Go to My Head
5. Blue Key
6. Easy Transition
7. Suddenly It's Spring
8. Miles' Mode
9. Darn That Dream
10. In Walked Lila

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My Old Flame: Joe Magnarelli + Strings
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Marty Sheller (Orchestrations), Dick Oatts (AltoSax), Rick Germanson (P), David Wong (B), Peter Bernstein (G), Vince Cherico (D), Jimmy Wormworth (D), Wilson "Chembo" Corniel (Perc), Daniel Sadownick (Perc)
Recorded March 29-30, 2010 in New York, NY

1. My Old Flame (Johnston-Coslow)
2. I'll Be Seeing You (Kahal-Fain)
3. Highbridge (J. Magnarelli)
4. Eracism (J. Magnarelli)
5. The Duke (Brubeck)
6. Blues for "Skee" (J. Magnarelli)
7. When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan)
8. Bilbao (J. Magnarelli)
9. McChesney Park (J. Magnarelli)

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Persistence: Joe Magnarelli
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Gary Smulyan (BarSax), David Hazeltine (P), Peter Washington (B), Kenny Washington (D)
Recorded November 1, 2007 in New York, NY

1. Persist (J. Magnarelli)
2. The Village (J. Magnarelli)
3. I Had The Craziest Dream (Warren-Gordon)
4. D Train Boogaloo (J. Magnarelli)
5. Haunted Heart (Dietz-Schwartz)
6. You And The Night And The Music (Dietz-Schwartz)
7. Ballad For Barretto (J. Magnarelli)
8. Soul Sister (J. Magnarelli)

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Hoop Dreams: Joe Magnarelli
Joe Magnarelli (Tp, Flh), Peter Bernstein (G), Gary Versace (P), Paul Gill (B), Tony Reedus (D)
Recorded June 1, 2005 in Brooklyn, NY

1. Genét (J. Magnarelli)
2. Division Street (J. Magnarelli)
3. Paris in the Spring (Kordon-Revel)
4. Ask Me Now (Th. Monk)
5. Hoop Dreams (J. Magnarelli)
6. I Mean You (Th. Monk)
7. Old Folks (Robinson-Hill)
8. Dance Only With Me (Comden/Green-Styne)
9. Monks's Mood (Th. Monk)
10. Barretto's Beat (J. Magnarelli)

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New York - Philly Junction: John Swana - Joe Magnarelli Sextet
John Swana (Tp), Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Eric Alexander (Ts), Joel Weiskopf (P), Peter Washington (B), Kenny Washington (D)
Recorded November 3, 2003 in Brooklyn, NY

1. New York-Philly Junction (Magnarelli - Swana)
2. Giants (John Swana)
3. My Old Flame
(Johnson - Coslow)
4. Lou Ann (Joe Magnarelli)
5. From Now On (T. Harrell)
6. Eagles (John Swana)
7. They Say It's Wonderful
(I. Berlin)
8. If Ever I Would Leave You
(Lerner - Loewe)

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Mr. Mags: Joe Magnarelli Quintet
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Jim Snidero (As, Flute), David Hazeltine (P), John Webber (B), Tony Reedus (D)
Recorded June 1, 2000 in Brooklyn, NY

1. 215 #1 (Joe Magnarelli)
2. Our Song (Joe Magnarelli)
3. Passage (Jim Snidero)
4. I Should Care (Cahn-Stordahl-Weston)
5. Mean What You Say (Thad Jones)
6. Oh' Suzanne (Joe Magnarelli)
7. Blue Opus (Joe Magnarelli)
8. Mississippi Jazz Club (Joe Magnarelli)

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Philly-New York Junction:John Swana - Joe Magnarelli Sextet
John Swana (Tp / FlH), Joe Magnarelli (Tp / FlH), Eric Alexander (Ts), Joel Weiskopf (P), Peter Washington (B), Kenny Washington (D)
Recorded June 4, 1998 in Brooklyn, NY

1. Fat Cat (John Swana)
2. In Balance (Eric Alexander)
3. Growing Pains (Joe Magnarelli)
4. Philly-New York Junction (John Swana / Joe Magnarelli)
5. Pannonica (Thelonious Monk)
6. I've Never Been In Love Before (Frank Loesser)
7. Lollipops And Roses (T. Velona)
8. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)
9. Buffalo (Kenny Dorham)

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Always There: Joe Magnarelli Quintet/Sextet
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Gary Smulyan (Bs), Jim Snidero (As / Fl), Larry Goldings (P), Dennis Irwin (B), Kenny Washington (D), Daniel G. Sadownick (Perc)
Recorded October 7, 1997 in New York City, NY

1. I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern / Johnny Mercer)
2. Allison's Welcome (Joe Magnarelli)
3. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Styne / Cahn)
4. J.J.'s Busride Blues (Joe Magnarelli)
5. Always There (Joe Magnarelli)
6. Rah-Sah (Joe Magnarelli)
7. Waltz For Aunt Marie (Joe Magnarelli)
8. Put On A Happy Face (Strouse / Adams)

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Why Not: Joe Magnarelli Quintet
Joe Magnarelli (Tp), Eric Alexander (Ts), Renee Rosnes (P), Peter Washington (B), Kenny Washington (D), Daniel G. Sadownick (Perc)
Recorded December 21, 1994 in New York City, NY

1. Cupbearers (Tom McIntosh)
2. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin)
3. Bella Carolina (Joe Magnarelli)
4. After You've Gone (Creamer / Layton)
5. When Your Lover Has Gone (E.A. Swan)
6. Storyteller (Renee Rosnes)
7. Y-Not (Joe Magnarelli)
8. Blues For B.G. (Joe Magnarelli)

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